Tactics not Passion: Previewing Cork vs. Kildare

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Munster champions Cork face a fascinating tactical challenge in the All-Ireland Quarter Finals as they take on Kieran McGeeney’s Kildare. Emmet Ryan breaks down one of the marquee games of the weekend.
Kildare not built to strike early
Cork’s lengthy absence from serious championship play, with only a facile victory over Clare in the eight weeks since [...]

Tactics not Passion: Examining Laois 1-15 Meath 1-12

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Laois returned to the All-Ireland Quarter Finals for the first time since 2006 with a three point win over Meath in Tullamore. Emmet Ryan analyses the strategic factors that led to the O’Moore county’s win.
Laois go big early
With the wind at their backs, the O’Moore county left no doubt about their objective in the first [...]

A Tale of Two Cities

Friday, July 27th, 2012


With the torch being lit on Friday night, Breifne Earley looks back on London’s Olympic history and ahead to the Irish medal chances in 2012.
The eyes of the sporting world will be focused directly on London for the next two weeks, and it’s going to take more than lost buses, traffic and flag mix ups [...]

Tactics not Passion: Previewing Sligo vs. Kildare

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

The most fascinating strategic battle of the qualifiers won’t be on TV but here’s Emmet Ryan’s take on Saturday’s clash between Sligo and Kildare.
Sligo will target O’Connor
Sligo’s defensive plan for this game is no secret. Against Mayo and Galway, the Connacht finalists showed they can dictate the game away from their opponent’s primary point of [...]

Tactics not Passion: Examining Donegal 2-18 Down 0-13 – Ulster Final

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Donegal claimed back-to-back Ulster titles for the first time ever with an impressive display in Clones. Emmet Ryan breaks down the tactical battles from Sunday’s game.
Down’s outside game hurts them
Defensively Donegal began the game focused almost exclusively on denying Down goal opportunities. As a result the Mourne men were able to win frees inside and [...]

Tactics not Passion: Thoughts on Dublin 2-13 Meath 1-13 – Leinster Final

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Dublin were at times majestic only to flounder violently down the stretch en route to an unconvincing win over Meath in Sunday’s Leinster Final. Emmet Ryan break down a game that was defined by strategy for the bulk of it but came down to execution in the closing stages.
Dublin adapt to Meath’s sweeper but the [...]

Tactics not Passion: Examining Kerry 1-16 Tyrone 1-6

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

After a slow start, Kerry romped to victory over Tyrone in round three of the All-Ireland qualifiers. Emmet Ryan looks back on the strategic factors that decided the outcome in Killarney.
He who makes space, makes scores
Kerry’s attacking efforts in the first half were defined by their ability to make space for quality chances. When men [...]

Tactics not Passion: Previewing Donegal vs. Down – Ulster Final

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Donegal have a shot at their first ever back to back Ulster titles on Sunday but they’ll have to beat Down to do it. Emmet Ryan looks at the strategic factors that will decide the outcome.
Down’s identity issues
Down’s blanket defence has evolved since 2010 but it remains worryingly suspect. Much like Wexford, this is a [...]

Tactics not Passion: Previewing Dublin vs. Meath – Leinster Final

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

It’s the battle of old rivals in the Leinster Final as defending champions Dublin take on Meath. Emmet Ryan breaks down the tactical battles in Sunday’s decider.
A question up front for Dublin
The absence of Diarmuid Connolly presents an interesting challenge for Pat Gilroy. The most likely candidate to fill in for the St Vincent’s man [...]

Minority Report: You’ll never win a fight with the umpire

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

With the Irish Baseball League playoffs fast approaching, Peter Kavanagh and the Dublin Hurricanes have a run-in with an official.
“You have got to be kidding me, Blue!”
No, it’s not a scene from Old School, there’s not a dab of KY Jelly in sight, nor am I streaking. Rather, I’m going ape at an umpire standing [...]