WWFO: Arizona Diamondbacks lip synch Smash Mouth

Friday, April 29th, 2011

You wait all weak for a comedic promo and then two come along at once. Here the Arizona Diamondbacks go to great lengths to produce a video where they lip synch to All-Star by Smash Mouth.┬áThe D-Backs will host Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game this summer, hence the choice of song, and some praise must go to them for the effort they put into setting up the song. Sure it was cheesy but instead of just going with a dub from the start they at least tried to give some semblance of context with the phony news report and press conference.

2 Responses to “WWFO: Arizona Diamondbacks lip synch Smash Mouth”

  1. Looks like the whole club got involved! Very funny, was waiting for mascot to topple over. Swimming pool in the stadium?!

  2. Yeah it’s mad but baseball teams tend to go for quirky things in their stadia.

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