Changes in Social Strategy at Action81 as WWFO posts find a new home

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

WWFO posts have been a big part of the growth of since we launched. Huge in fact, as 356 of the 708 posts that have gone live prior to this one have been labelled WWFO. The label stands for What We Found Online. We’re going to keep finding this content and we’re going to keep on sharing it with you but not right here.

If you want to find new WWFOs

Become a fan of Action81 on Facebook or follow the @Action81 Twitter account. We’re moving all the content we used to share through WWFOs to these two outlets. In fact we’ve already started, giving you more of a reason to go to them and follow us. We will be retiring the WWFO moniker, although all existing content here will stay on this site and retain the tag. The content and how we share it has outgrown the title so we’re moving forward without it.

Why we’ve moved WWFOs

It’s not about boosting follower numbers. If I cared about hits I’d turn this site into a content farm and be done with it. The aim is to make best use of the resources at our disposal. WWFOs are more suited to Twitter and Facebook as there is an immediacy to them, it’s the type of information which is best if shared quickly. As this is a voluntary operation it’s impossible to go through the process of creating a new post adequately during the working day as, aside from getting me fired from my day job, takes time away from our ability to share that content with you.

It’s also about the nature of the site itself. WWFOs are cool things we find, not material we create or build a story around. I want the articles that our writers put together, the live blogs they do, and the podcasts we create, to be front and centre. It’s important that we share cool stuff but it’s also important that we push our own material as well. This new policy should improve the experience our visitors have with all our content.

What will this mean for site views?

Well the immediate impact should be quite the drop as WWFOs were quite Google friendly but again this isn’t a content farm. The objective of is, was, and always will be to provide the best quality experience for our visitors. There are plenty of tabloid and mid-market sites out there, we aim for a higher standard because that’s what we’re about. Quality content is the only way forward and we want the original material we created to be pushed to the front.

This domain may not update at the same rate as when WWFOs were a regular feature but Action81 is more than this dot-com. Through our Facebook and Twitter we will increase the total output while, and I know I’ve said this before, reducing the workload on us.

A Twitter move we should have taken ages ago

For the life of me I don’t know why we didn’t do this before but from here on out all posts will, with the author’s permission, close with a link encouraging you to engage with that author on Twitter. The line “Follow X on Twitter” will now appear at the end of every post to give you a quick way to interact with authors at speed.

There is also a personal impact

While the primary reasons for these changes are for the betterment of the site, it would be remiss of me to completely ignore the impact they will have on my personal life. The time taken putting together WWFOs, rather than sharing at speedm ate into my time both in writing posts for this site but also in exploring other projects in my life. There was also the matter of my Facebook feed, I have a lot of friends who flat-out don’t like sports and I was never fond of ramming 3 or 4 WWFO links a day down their throats. It’s one thing when I’m providing for those of you that like that stuff, quite another for the guys and girls who are friends with because of movies or cooking.

Any questions or suggestions?

There are loads of ways to reach us, through the comments box below, through Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing (change the AT to @). We welcome every comment and question regarding this move and anything else to do with the site.

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