Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Emmet Ryan – Editor

The site’s founder, Emmet is best known for writing our Tactics not Passion column on Gaelic Football strategy, Emmet is currently working full-time as an analyst on North American Sports. He tweets a lot and was named on the Irish Examiner’s list of Top 50 Essential GAA Tweeters in 2012.

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Henry Bridge

Our man in Bulgaria, formerly in Korea, then back to Korea again before returning to Bulgaria, Henry’s first love is Football which has somehow not been soured after spending most of his life suffering as a Bray Wanderers supporters. While a one-dimensional striker on the field, Henry has a breadth of knowledge of the beautiful game.

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Harry McEvansoneya

An expert on all things fighting Harry brings his breadth of knowledge on MMA to the site to inform readers on goings on in the octagon and squared circle.  He’s also got by far and away the hardest surname to pronounce of any of our contributors.

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Declan Bruton

The author of the Break Points column, Declan’s day job involves numbers but the only three that matter are 15, 30, and 40 when it comes to his in-depth tennis columns.

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Peter Kavanagh

One of the few contributors still active in team sports, Peter is our man for all goings-on in Baseball and dabbles in Rugby a bit too. He claims to have never used feck in an unedited piece.

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Kevin Burke
Best known round these parts for his Round the world by train column, Kevin is also quite the chess brain and the main man we go to when we have questions about financial issues in sport.

Cóilín Duffy

Leaving the largest carbon footprint of any of our contributors, Cóilín travels across the country on a weekly basis covering Gaelic Games but technically lives on the Northside.

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Daniel Lynch

Daniel lets his pictures do the talking. He occasionally is kind enough to let us reproduce his work from some of the biggest matches on these islands.